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The secret formula to build the size and profitability of your practice.


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Here's a sample of what's covered in this groundbreaking book:  

The most important thing to focus on if you want to build your practicePage 30  

One trick that proved to increase a law firm's business nearly 40% in just six months. Page 56  

The one form of communication used by the most successful attorneys Page 48 

About The Author

Richard James, Founder and President of Your Practice Mastered, LLC, has earned a reputation as a national “Legal Systems Expert.”

He built a consumer law firm in Arizona from zero to over $3.5 million in annual sales in just over two years. His legacy also includes a career of building businesses in five different industries bringing his proven formula to each to achieve success.

His success ingredient is simple: systems. Richard believes that systems should run your law firm and people should run your systems.

Richard has devised a process for helping attorneys build a practice that supports their lifestyle, not undermines it. Richard's passion is to work with like-minded Entrepreneurial Attorneys, who want to take action to build the systems they create together to obtain, real, measurable results. 

What Other Attorneys Are Saying

Attorney Andrew Griffin, El Cajon, CA “I began with just getting the basic lead sources and tracking my numbers. Once I started that, I started understanding I had some control of my life. That I could control where I could get marketing, where I could get leads, and how I could bring new people in. Then it all became easier for me.”

Attorney Katonga Wright, Columbus, GA “My first impression was 'Why did it take me so long to do this?'. And I was really excited about all of the stuff that we’ve learned. There were things that we could employ right away, things that we could work toward. Setting goals has always been important to me, but this has given us the systems to put in place so that we could accomplish those goals that we’ve set.”

Attorney Emily Smith Lee, Sharon, MA “I was in a larger firm than I have now, we were not profitable, I was losing my mind and really looking for a way to grow sensibly and to keep my sanity. We’re not quite there yet, but we’re not insane anymore. I don’t work all weekend, we’re turning a profit, we’ve shrank and then grown again in a way that makes sense for my practice, and I sleep at night.”

Attorney Tarak Devkota, Kansas City, MO “I actually didn’t know I needed it. But I’ve been able to shorten the client lifecycle. Increase my profits. I finally try to pay attention to expenses. I just never did. There was enough money coming in so I’d throw money at everything, and now I realize that’s taking away from my profits. Basically I’m learning about how to look at the numbers.”

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